Joint Venture Program
If you think you have a sound business idea for a website, but can't afford the expensive programming and hosting, we'd love to hear from you!

Through our Joint Venture Project, A1 Web Works Designs is currently offering a limited number of Joint Venture Projects to entrepreneur's with sound business ideas.

Please contact us for free information, about our Joint Venture Project and non disclosure agreement
What Is A Joint Venture?
A joint venture is a business arrangement in which two or more parties undertake a specific economic activity together.

A joint venture can turn under-utilized resources into profit, create a new profit centre, help you enter untapped markets, quicker and at less cost than trying it alone. Joint ventures are a popular method of expanding business. Major corporations and mid-sized companies are getting together, and small companies can, too, on a less formal basis. This website serves to bring businesses together and encourages joint venture and other cooperative arrangements. Joint venture partners are matched by a process of closed proposal. Interested parties should submit the outline of a plan they would like to implement, stating what they bring to the project and what they expect of a joint venture partner." We have excellent systems in place, and stacks of experience in lots of different areas. We just can't spread ourselves much thinner. By working together, our undercapitalised resources can be more efficiently used, and you can follow a business opportunity that may not ordinarily be available to you.

Who we partner with: